238. The Playbook for Student Success in the Digital World: Featuring Stacey Cohen

Aspire to Lead, Stacy Cohen, Brand Up, Joshua Stamper

In this week’s Aspire to lead episode, Stacey Cohen shares the modern playbook that equips teens with strategies and tools to succeed in high school, college, and their first job. This episode is packed with sage advice, practical tips and in-depth skill-building guidance for networking, interviewing, entrepreneurship, and social media.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Building your students a positive digital footprint
  • Teaching students how to interview and professional norms
  • And her new book, Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook for College & Career Success in the Digital World!

About Stacey Cohen:

In the world of branding, few experts possess the savvy and instinct of Stacey Ross Cohen. An award-winning brand professional who earned her stripes on Madison Avenue and at major television networks before launching her own agency, Stacey specializes in “everything” branding. She is the CEO and founder of Co-Communications, a public relations, marketing, and design agency headquartered in New York. Since 1998, Stacey has coached individuals and businesses across various industries – from real estate and health care to education and professional services – and expertly positions their narratives in fiercely competitive markets. A staple at industry conferences, Stacey recently made her debut on the TEDx stage. She is a contributor at the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur and has been featured in Forbes, Crain’s Entrepreneur, and a suite of other national media. She holds a BS from Syracuse University, an MBA from Fordham University, and a certificate in Media, Technology, and Entertainment from NYU Leonard Stern School of Business. 

Stacey is an entrepreneur at heart: She started her first business when she was just 14 years old and is now a member of a prominent angel investor group. Standing out has always been a matter of course for her. As a twin, Stacey’s struggle to cultivate her own identity made her more sensitive to the need to develop uniqueness. The book draws on Stacey’s 25-plus years of experience building both personal and business brands. She is extremely passionate about helping high school students cultivate, perfect, and activate their personal brand to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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FireBird Speak Up Radio Book Award Winner, Joshua Stamper, Aspire to Lead

FireBird Speak Up Radio Book Award Winner, Joshua Stamper, Aspire to Lead

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Teach Better Podcast Network, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast

Teach Better Podcast Network, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast

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