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The Aspire podcast offers a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills. My show features insights and perspectives from experienced and accomplished educational leaders, providing listeners with a rich source of knowledge and inspiration. By learning from the stories, successes, trials, and misconceptions of others, you can develop your own leadership capacity and achieve your goals.

I highly recommend utilizing the resources available on this website to enhance your leadership journey. If you're new to the show, I invite you to click the "Start here" button to begin exploring the content and joining the #AspireLead community. Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out, the Aspire podcast is a powerful tool to help you succeed in your leadership role.

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Must Listen!

"Josh has created an absolutely epic leadership podcast, which delves into the finer points about influencing and inspiring others to achieve greatness! This is a must for any “ASPIRING” educator, school culture advocate, or leadership junkie! Highest recommendation!"

Hans Appel, Creator of "Award Winning Culture"

Inspiring my Leadership Journey!

"I’ve been listening to the Aspire podcast since the beginning. I find listening to each leader’s journey encouraging and inspiring as I travel my own leadership journey. I can count on each episode to provide me with new ideas and resources to positively impact my school. Josh, thank you for creating a podcast that encourages teachers to see the leader within each of us."

Alana Gilliam, Team Leader and Aspiring Administrator

Listen Today!

If you have any role in serving others, this Podcast is a must! Each episode is an honest and real reminder that leadership is about putting people first, next, and always. Thanks, Josh, for giving voice to these leadership stories and experiences. The lessons shared give us all something to aspire to in our leadership journey.

Greg Moffitt, Principal at Winters Elementary

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