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The Language of Behavior: The Guide to Restorative Practices


The session breaks down the impact of trauma on early brain development, neural pathways, and other physical architectures. Due to trauma, students exhibit behaviors that manifest from fight, flight, or freeze tendencies.  The session provides alternative systems to approach the behaviors with restorative practices and Trauma-informed strategies, which includes relationship agreements, morning check-ins, reflection activities, community circles, and restorative circles.


  • Identify the Impact of trauma on the brain
  • Recognize fight, flight and freeze behaviors
  • Develop a restorative mIndset and approach
  • Design and demonstrate restorative strategies
  • Construct a Trauma Informed action plan

ASPIRE to Lead with Passion, Creativity, and Empathy


The focus of this session will be sharing a guide for aspiring leaders to enhance their leadership capacity through goal setting, creating a system of action steps, and using the A.S.P.I.R.E. model. Through the use of stories of past failures and successes, educators will be shown ways to transform their leadership journey and actively obtaining the experiences and tools needed to enhance their leadership skills.



  • Construct leadership goals
  • Understand the A.S.P.I.R.E. model
  • Design a system of action steps
  • Reflect on ways to impact a campus or a district

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