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The Aspire podcast provides those who are looking to build their leadership capacity an opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and accomplished educational leaders. As we grow in our leadership skills, it’s imperative we learn from other leader’s experiences, successes, trials and misconceptions. I highly recommend using the resources provided on this website to enhance your leadership journey.

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Aspire to Lead

Have you ever wondered if you could be a leader in your school or in your district? In ASPIRE to Lead, author and educational leader Joshua Stamper shares a guide for aspiring leaders to enhance their leadership capacity through active self-development and goal setting. Applying Joshua’s A.S.P.I.R.E. model, which is infused with his stories of past failures and successes, will guide the reader in actionable steps to enhance their leadership skills.


Joshua Stamper
The Teach Better Speakers Network is dedicated to support the entire school ecosystem, while covering a variety of educational topics and services. Joshua Stamper aims to support educators in the field toward creating and maintaining a progressive leadership journey. Click below to learn more about the trainings offered.

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3-Ways-to-Activate-Growth-as-an-Aspiring-Leader, Joshua Stamper, Teach Better

3 Ways to Activate Growth as an Aspiring Leader

TL;DR: The transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly is comparable to the development of an aspiring leader. Do not be afraid to ask to experience new and different leadership tasks. Be available to help and support at any moment there is an opportunity. Go beyond and outside of your campus to gain leadership experience.…

Todd Nesloney and Joshua Stamper Blog

Grace When We Fall

I (Joshua) am in my seventh year in educational administration, one of the many responsibilities I have is to work with student discipline. When I began my journey as an administrator, I used very traditional techniques and punishments with my students. I quickly realized that my strategies were going to need to change to be…

Joshua Stamper

Capturing Culture: 3 Ways to Empower your Staff

Frustration in the Process When my family moved from California to Minnesota, we quickly learned that fishing, both during the summer and winter, was a large part of the state’s culture. Minnesota is full of lakes and state parks, and I had never experienced outdoor recreational activities. The first time my family went fishing on…

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About Joshua Stamper

Joshua Stamper is a middle school Assistant Principal for a North Texas School District, where he's had the amazing opportunity to serve at four campuses and in two school districts.  Prior to Joshua's current position, he was a classroom educator and athletic coach for 6 years working with students in grades 6-8.

In addition to his administrative position, Joshua is a podcaster, author, leadership coach, education presenter and Podcast Network Manager for the Teach Better Team.