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Aspire to RISE: Featuring Kelly McMahon

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Have you ever thought about taking a position in another district, city, or state? Where do you begin to create relationships with your staff, community, and local businesses? In today’s episode featuring Kelly McMahon, Sarah Johnson and Joshua Stamper tackle the topics of creating relationships in new professional settings, connecting to your community, and planning to develop connections outside of your office or campus.   

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of relationship-building when entering a new position 
  • Strategies for developing relationships in a new community with resources to help focus in the first 90 days of a position 


About Kelly McMahon:

Kelly is an aspiring Leader in Curriculum and Instruction, currently serving as a 5th Grade Teacher in Onalaska, W.I

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Resources from this Episode:


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Joshua Stamper Teach Better

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Aspire Swag, Teach Better Team, Joshua Stamper, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast

Aspire Swag, Teach Better Team,  Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast

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Teach Better Podcast Network, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast

Teach Better Podcast Network, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast

About the author, Joshua

Joshua Stamper is a middle school Assistant Principal for a North Texas School District, where he's had the amazing opportunity to work at four campuses, two districts, and with hundreds of students, teachers, and administrators. Prior to Joshua's current position, he was a classroom educator and athletic coach for 6 years working with students in grades 6-8.

In addition to his administrative position, Joshua is a podcaster, blogger, leadership coach and education presenter.

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