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Aspire to RISE: Featuring Andrew Stanton

Joshua Stamper, Sarah Johnson, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast, #AspireLead, Aspire to Rise, Andrew Stanton

With the battle of teaching students from a variety of learning environments, our schools are challenged with uncovering and solving many community challenges at the same time. In today’s episode featuring Andrew Stanton, Sarah Johnson and Joshua Stamper tackle the topics of risk-taking and equity practices.    In this episode, we discuss: Creating Change during a…

Aspire to RISE: Featuring Brianna Zwiefelhofer

Joshua Stamper, Sarah Johnson, Aspire to Rise, #AspireLead

As we battle the trials of a pandemic, many leaders are asking one similar question. How do we create and maintain a positive school environment during a crisis? In today’s episode featuring Brianna Zwiefelhofer, Sarah Johnson and Joshua Stamper tackle this important and relevant topic on school culture.   In this Episode, we discuss: Important Leadership…

Aspire to RISE: Featuring Adam Cottos

Joshua Stamper, Sarah Johnson, Adam Cottos, Aspire to RISE, #AspireLead, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast

It’s the chicken before the egg dilemma of career advancement. How does a person gain experience while not in the role they seek when aspiring up the proverbial career ladder? In today’s episode featuring Adam Cottos, we tackle the issue many aspiring leaders face.  In this Episode, we discuss: The challenges Adam has faced in…